TCF Bank Balance problems, last 24-48 hours?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by puma1552, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I have TCF Bank, which a quick google search will yield what complete ********* they are. I've had my share of problems with them over the years and have every intention of dumping them like a hot potato the minute I'm back in America.

    For the last three years, I've wired money home for my student loan, etc. It's all I use the account for--no extraneous sloppy spending.

    For the last month there has been a residual, positive balance from paying last month's bills. Haven't used the account since, everything's long been posted. It's pretty simple--send home money, when it posts, pay bills.

    I sent home money a few days ago. It posted. I paid my bills online, and am waiting for them to post.

    I logged on just now to check on them, and see that TCF has now decided to screw with the balance, so it will be $500+ negative once everything conveniently come in, and then they will hit me with NSF fees. Thinking what the hell is this, I looked back at the maximum history on my account (1 year), and now they show that as far back as that the account has had tons of times where it's been negative, which is not the case.

    So they've screwed with the account balance, manipulating it so it's massively negative so they can screw me. Two days ago I had a positive balance with everything posted.

    Has anyone else's acct. shown similar strange activity the last couple days? I dread calling them because they absolutely, positively, are NEVER wrong.
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    Nov 20, 2008
    Well, on the plus side, the problems fixed themselves online and now it shows what it should.

    Also on the plus side, TCF is being sued.

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