Team Fortress 2 looks quite grey

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Ninja Dom, Aug 30, 2010.

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    A bit of a long one here. So I've got a White early 2008 MacBook. 4GB Ram with the Intel GMA X3100 processor. In Summer 2009 I got the Mac version of Modern Warfare. It didn't run too well and was just about playable on it.

    Thing was the game had a total "grey" coloured look to it. I didn't think much of it and just thought it was because I never had much of a graphics card in the MacBook.

    Then this Summer I bought Team Fortress 2 off Steam and ran this on the same White MacBook. Now this doesn't run well at all and it isn't playable. But it still had that "grey" look to it. Again, I thought it was because of the graphics card in the White MacBook.

    Now I've just recently acquired another MacBook. It's a late 2008 model 13.3 inch. It's the aluminium MacBook that was still called a MacBook and not a MacBook pro. This model has the Nvidia 9400m graphics card.

    Okay, so I downloaded Team Fortress 2 to that and it runs much better than my White MacBook. BUT IT STILL HAS THIS OVERALL GREY LOOK TO IT.

    Now I've also got the Playstation 3 version of Team Fortress 2 and in terms of content it is far inferior to the Mac/PC versions. But it does display the graphics fast and smooth. The colours are extremely vibrant - bold reds, blues and other colours. None of this grey appearance that I see on both my MacBooks.

    I'm running the latest version of Snow Leopard on both with the Snow Leopard graphics update also installed. I don't get this grey look to two FPS's from different companies running on different MacBooks. Is this just how Mac's display these games or am I doing something wrong???
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    Is the Shaders option set to Low? I've noticed that with Shaders on high there is a lot more contrast and everything looks a tad more vivid.
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    Do you have the cables necessary to plug your Mac into the TV?

    I have the PS3 version and Mac (and Windows) TF2s too and they all look much of a muchness here.. If you can get your Mac running on the TV you'd be able to see if you just have the TV & PS3 set to be more punchy.

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