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    TeamInfoApp was submitted to app store last week and has been waiting for review for 4 days - hopefully will get approved and be available by mid-week. Below is brief overview, you can learn more at

    Your School. Your Sports League. Your Business...

    There's an app for that!

    Yes, you read that correctly!

    There can be; that is, by partnering with TeamInfoApp. Our cutting-edge technology enables top-tier schools, sports leagues and business teams a simple and affordable way to get in the mobile communications app world. TeamInfoApp's incredible features give parents, students, athletes, coaches, fans, alumni and business associates "one-click" access to their team's info - where they need it the most!

    Here's the best part: TeamInfoApp requires no data entry or effort on your part to setup and, for schools and leagues, will actually make money for the organization!

    What exactly does TeamInfoApp do?

    With a few clicks on their iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, users can access their organization’s TeamInfoApp to:

    Keep their iOS calendar updated with the organization’s events and games including the date, time, location and other important details

    Select any or all of the organization’s teams and view the specific team schedule or add the specific team schedule to their iOS calendar

    Create an email that includes any of the organization’s team schedules that can be easily sent to friends, family members or business associates

    Easily access the iOS Google Maps features to get directions to any events added to the iOS calendar

    View and use an interactive “Virtual Business Card” for key organization, team contacts and sponsors that allows the user to call, email or locate the contact or sponsor from within TeamInfoApp

    View important documents that can include team rosters and other media related to the organization

    Quickly access the organization’s website and social media

    And it’s just cool, too.

    TeamInfoApp co-founders and designers, Julie & Jordy Riggs said, “As busy parents of six active children, we couldn’t figure out why more high schools and sports leagues didn’t have a custom app to keep parents and fans updated with their team’s info. We looked around and realized that what did exist was costly and labor-intensive for the schools and leagues to use and provided very limited features. We designed TeamInfoApp to require no data entry and almost no effort from our partner organizations. TeamInfoApp can also be a valuable fund raiser for schools and sports leagues & invaluable to parents, players and fans – a winning combination!”

    To learn more about TeamInfoApp, visit Organizations can setup a TeamInfoApp organization account with a setup fee of $99 per school year (schools), season (leagues) or calendar year (business teams). Parents, players, fans or business associates can purchase the TeamInfoApp on the Apple App Store for $1.99 which includes access to one organization. Access to additional organizations can be purchase from within TeamInfoApp for $1.99 each.

    Contact us:
    Team Info App, LLC
    P.O. Box 2144
    Ruston, La. 71270
    (318) 497-7536

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