Technically Challenged Film Director in need of help!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by leecronin, May 10, 2010.

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    I haven't posted here in a long time but always keep an eye out for rumours, tips and advice.

    I'm a film director with a serious lack of knowledge in terms of hardware. Up to now the majority of my productions have been edited / graded etc in various post houses where the hassle of handling and delivering the content is not mine.

    I'm setting up a new office at the moment and I want to put in an editing system which will give me both offline and online capability as I venture into a new feature film project.

    The majority of the footage I handle is tapeless - 90% of the time coming from the RED ONE camera.

    I had been hanging on for updates to the MacPro series before I made a purchase but it has occurred to me that maybe the top end iMac may be the way forwards.

    My main concern would relate to what ways I may be limited by this purchase as opposed to buying a MacPro. I do however need to strike a balance between price and my needs.

    My main requirements would be for offline editing on Final Cut, having the capability for compression and handling of large amounts of data and also using color for finishing etc. Does the new 27inch i7 have what it takes for this?

    I would not envisage having to handle massive amounts of graphics etc.

    If I go the IMac route am I tying myself to limitations in terms of what I can do or is this the correct route for a professional who does not necessarily need to use lots and lots of power hungry software?

    Is the machine fast enough, is the graphics card good enough? I'm a professional in terms of the content I deliver but a complete amateur in terms of knowing what I need to buy!

    All advice and comment appreciated! Thanks.
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    The Firewire 800 port is the fastest port you can get on the iMac, while the Mac Pro can give you more FW 800 ports and e-SATA ports and many more.

    Also the iMac's display is not really meant for colour finishing work, even though it is an IPS panel. You need an external broadcast monitor for that, and that will need a dedicated interface/port to the Mac.

    The Mac Pro is the better choice for handling the work you want to do, especially with red footage.

    But bigbossbomb, Lethal Wolfe and the others might differ. Maybe also ask a a moderator via the [​IMG] button to move your thread to the Digital Video sub-forum.

    Have you also asked at
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    I'll check it out thanks - I know of it, but never been there before! I hadn't taken into account the amount of ports in terms of firewire etc and obviously the mac pro will be better kitted out on that front.

    In terms of speed and efficiecny of handling footage (take playback in color out of the equation) so as an offline machine is there much difference for my needs? Chances are my final grades will be completed elsewhere I guess I just wanna have the ability should I need it!

    Cheers for the advice

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