Tell me how to properly use iTunes's library feature

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by prunes, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Feb 27, 2008
    I'm a major mac newbie--received my Macbook Pro within the week. I went through a huge fiasco attempting to import my mp3s the other day from off my NTFS-formatted external hdd.

    I imported them into iTunes by just dragging and dropping the files in at once. Oops. This resulted in creating a *ton* of duplicate files (yes, files, not simply duplicate entries within iTunes). I have quite a large mp3 collection and the number of duplicates was on the order of approximately 5,000 files I believe.

    So of course I flipped. After spending day 1 trying to use finder to delete the stuff and day 2 unsuccessfully looking for shareware to help me and then trying to delete things one at a time, I gave up and nuked my library and decided to start over. So now I have a comfortable directory on my mac with mp3s not imported into iTunes.

    FWIW I'm semi-convinced that m3u's caused the problem. I don't see this documented on the internet though.

    So the duplicates are my first problem. The second is that iTunes seems to go retarded when I have albums with multiple artists, i.e. soundtracks and rap albums in which the artist tag includes artists featured as well. This results in creating approximately 20 different directories/artists for one single album. Yes, I could retag my mp3s, but I feel like there has to be a better way.

    That's about it. Thanks for your advice!
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    Did you use iTunes in your previous computer? If so you could just transfer your library file and load it better.
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