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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by NativeOSXboy, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Apr 4, 2010
    So I wanted to start a thread where people can discuss their reasons for purchasing a MBA, and help people realize what MBAs true market is.

    I'll start...
    I'm a college student who's always on the go. Currently I have a previous gen Mac Mini hooked up to a plasma in my apartment.

    The Mac Mini is great for my heaviest computing, hb-ing movies, and it's a great media server/pc. But I also needed something to be able to do some basic writing and websurfing on the go (library, coffeehouses, etc). Now I've owned an iPad and the issue came down to no physical keyboard without the dock, which wasn't always easy to throw into a backpack with the little stand numb.

    So thats why I purchased an 11" MBA, the size of the iPad screen was great, I just needed that physical keyboard. The MBA is that solution for me as a light-weight, ultra portable platform I can use to write and do research on.
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    Mar 4, 2010
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    I'm in meetings a lot as a filmmaker and corporate consultant and I hate carrying a pen and paper with me.

    I find I end up with paper everywhere that needs reviewing and filing and discarding etc.

    I like having my laptop at meeting cause looking up schedules and sending quick emails is important sometimes during discussions.

    What I don't like is having a big screen in front of me at the meetings. It becomes like a barrier that separates me from the client. They can't see my screen and sure it always seems suspicious and impersonal when the screen is open.

    So, I think an 11.6 inch will help with such situation. It is smaller and less provoking and may seem more like a personal fairings than a full computer.

    I would love an iPad if it had a stylus for writing notes (a finger writing would look stupid and typing on the keyboard is no fun).

    To me, taking my work to cafes is a must. I do more work in public then in a cubical/office/home.
  3. Hellhammer Moderator


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    Dec 10, 2008
    I haven't ordered mine yet but I hope I can do that soon. My situation is quite similar to yours. I'm studying thus having a laptop that I can easily take with me everyday would be very nice. I currently don't have a proper laptop as my school does not require one (there are plenty of computer labs) but it would of course make things easier.

    I've had my eyes set on the MBA for long time, even before the update but the update made things a lot better. The most crucial thing for me was the battery life because I wouldn't like to drag the power adapter with me, it kinda kills the idea of it being an ultraportable. Now that I can get my dream MBA for only 1300€ (13" with 4GB RAM), I'm totally buying one.

    The extra portability is just so nice. Besides, I already have an iMac that can take care of more serious needs though I never do anything that would require a lot power.
  4. bossxii macrumors 68000

    Nov 9, 2008
    Kansas City
    After using a Rev B MBA it was by far the best travel laptop I had owned from a portability standpoint. I however had some serious hinge issues and after using a glass trackpad on my previous MBP, hated the old style trackpad.

    I have several posts here on MR stating specifically if the MBA shows up with a totally new hinge, glass trackpad and at least an option to have 4gigs, I'm in 100%. The 11" model has me a bit undecided yet but going to the Apple store today or this weekend to check both models out in person. I have an iPad now and it's been great for about 90% of what I need a laptop for. The short comings for me anyhow, when using the sales software for inputing orders at work it's very time consuming entering sku's with numbers and letters on the iPad. Constantly switching back and forth takes too long, but works in a pinch. Having my previous MBA I can be 100% mobile and work anywhere I need to be without carrying tons of gear or a huge laptop case.

    The iPad has shown me how to minimize the amount of crap I used to carry, from papers, folders and literature. It's all now in PDF form and easy to show customers. Having the ability to print hasn't been a huge issue as I can forward the PDF via email, but knowing I can print easily will be nice. Not to mention dealing with attachments with OSX vs the iPad will be more streamlined as well.

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