Telus phones that work with iSync?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by cpweld, Aug 18, 2007.

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    Aug 16, 2007
    I apologize if there's another thread with the info I need already, I did a search but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Anyway, I'm Canadian and am looking to buy a new Macbook next week. I also need to replace my cell phone and was hoping to get something that I could sync with iCal and my address book, maybe for ringtones as well. Is there an easy way to do this with any of the Telus phones? Anything that would take a lot of time to do each time I probably would not bother with since I'd like to be able to quickly update my calendar everyday.

    I was looking at either the LG 8600 (Chocolate flip phone) which isn't listed as being supported on the Apple website, or the Samsung M620 or Motorola KRZR. The KRZR is the only one listed as being supported, but I know Telus does create issues with using bluetooth - would I be able to easily sync it with my calendar and contacts?

    Thanks for your help in advance!
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    Oct 3, 2005
    Nelson, BC. Canada
    The Motorola's probably you best bet. If you have a decent local Telus dealer, they may allow you to check whether the phone will do what you want, with your Macbook, prior to purchasing.

    Otherwise Telus says:- "Bluetooth technology for wireless data transfers and hands-free accessories"
  3. bonafide macrumors regular

    Feb 26, 2007
    Not sure if the OP has figured this out yet. But I recently got a Motorola KRZR and despite Apple's website saying it is supported I cannot get it to Sync with iSync. iSync says it is not supported but it does in fact see it through Bluetooth.

    I can transfer files to it but I cannot sync my ical or contacts. :(
  4. Michaël Lessard macrumors newbie

    Apr 14, 2008
    Mac OS with Samsung SPH-m620 UpStage and LG 8550 Chocolate Spin

    As a Mac user, I tested the mobile phones Samsung SPH-m620 UpStage (flip) and LG 8550 Chocolate Spin (both with Telus mobile service).

    // Mac OS 10.4.11 Tiger with an iBook G4.

    The following information will certainly be helpful...

    :: Samsung SPH-m620 UpStage (flip)

    On my iBook G4, this phone is not USB "plug-and-play", as is noted on many official web sites and forums.

    No matter what tricks, software or drivers I tested, a direct USB connexion (the phone jacked directly in the USB port) never gave a reliable access to the SD memory and completely failed actually. Mind you, I'm not saying Samsung claimed it worked on a Mac, but I tried...


    - USB SD Reader/Writer, costing only 5 to 20$ :
    they look like USB Flash Drives or sometimes minature USB drives (for Mini and Micro SD cards). They are rather efficient (fast and simple), but require taking the Micro SD card each time.

    - Bluetooth equipped computer : I have not tested this option, but some users on the web claim it works with Samsung phones.

    :: LG 8550 Chocolate Spin :

    Believe it or not, it works fine plugged directly in a USB port on my iBook G4, Mac OS 10.4.11 Tiger. This connexion is much slower than a USB SD card Reader/Writer, I'm talking approximately 20 times slower, but it works reliably on my Mac. This means I do not need at all to take the Micro SD card out.

    GENERAL TIP for all Mac users with a MP3/multimedia phone

    => Add your MP3 files with SyncTunes (free).

    Since Mac files have a supplementary source code (also with MP3s and videos), you should use a software to add MP3s to your phone, otherwise the number of files listed will be doubled on your phone. For example, if you "manually" add an MP3 in the Micro SD, it will appear both as "song" and "_song" (these are extra codes the MP3 player will ignore, but they will all appear on your phone's playlists).

    For pictures, you can use GraphicConverter to save a picture without source codes and other picture information. Tip: you can configure batch treatment of pictures placed in a given folder.

    Michael "iMic" Lessard
    Quebec City, Canada.

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