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Sep 2, 2019
I have a problem which I would like some advice with. I just bought this Mac Pro 6.1 which had a E5 1620 V2 cpu in it, so I decided to upgrade to a E5 2697 v2, I did this and all went fairly well. After running for a while I thought I would like to know the cpu temperature, so I installed the Hot app which said the cpu was running between 70-80 degrees C, I thought that was a little high and as I had turbo boost turbo I would try that to see what the temerature would be, and there was very little difference, then I noticed the turbo boost had a temperature on it for cpu and this was only 30 - 35 degrees C, so with a big difference I thought I would try aother app for temperature. I decided on TG pro, so installed that and this one came up with 40 - 45 degrees C, so with this big difference between the 3 which one should I trust.
I would say that running the mac pro the fan has never come on and I don't think it has slowed down, so it all seem to running just fine, but just wanted to know cpu temperature.
Can anyone help with this problem as I would like to know true temperature.


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Nov 2, 2011
The Netherlands
Download the Mac Fan Control application and set the controls for each of the fans. Installed it since on my Mac Pro's 3,1 2008 and 5,1 mid-2012. Never looked back / at other applications so should play nice in your Mac Pro 6,1 too.
Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 11.57.14.png

If you're concerned about the temps, you could use a digital temperature devise inside your Mac Pro 6,1.
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