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    This is really, really basic question. I am just getting started but I have looked at different videos. I think that something may be missing in xCode but I am not sure.

    When I go to the File menu and open a new project, there just isn't any choice for Cocoa Touch, etc.

    I have attached an image of the screen to show you that it isn't there for me to choose. Perhaps I didn't install the SDK correctly? Or, should I try opening up something else? I know this is as basic of a question as you can get. Sorry about that...


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    May 24, 2003
    Yup, that's a basic question alright. :)

    The short answer is, all of those project templates in the iPhone section are Cocoa Touch application templates. It's just that they're each for different kinds of applications. So, for example, if you're writing an application that uses the tab bar, you can start with a template that already has a lot of the elements in place that you will need in order to do it. The same goes for apps that use the navigation bar, or utility apps that flip over to set preferences.

    I'm guessing that the videos you mention are the ones on iPhoneDevCentral, or something similar. If so, the reason that you have so many more starting points to choose from is that the videos are out of date now. Most of them were made using early betas of the SDK, which just didn't contain these extra templates. Since they were made, the templates have been added to XCode. So the good news is that you're not doing anything wrong.

    If you want to follow the tutorials in the videos, or if you just want a very simple starting point, I would suggest that you choose the 'Window-Based Application' template. This is a very basic template that provides an application delegate class and a .xib file with a single window containing a single view. It's very easy to add labels and buttons to this, to experiment with simple things. Once you're happy with the basics, you'll have the confidence to use the other templates to build more complex apps.

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