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    TemplateBox™ helps you create documents in your working folder quickly and easily. Improve your productivity by having your frequently-used templates just a click away and ready to use. TemplateBox is the solution for saving time and energy during your busy day.



    Starting with a template instead of starting from scratch can bring a huge speed boost to your workflow. First you drag frequently used templates into TemplateBox. By using a template to create new documents, you conserve the time and effort spent recreating the wheel every time you want to do a task.

    Templates can be any text file, pre-formatted document, Numbers worksheet, prototype or other set of information that you regularly use. We have included several pre-built templates in the app to help you start. Upload more or create your own, then drag and drop them onto “shelves” within the app to keep them organized.

    Here's a list you may want to put into your TemplateBox:

    • "Fill-in-the-blank" completion of routinely used documents
    • Time-saving document-fragment creation
    • Pre-written messages saved for later use
    • Easily write reports for work or study
    • Carefully designed documents with styles to be copied from
    • Any type of file for fast access

    Templates are things of beauty and magic that can be used to save you a lot of time and make your computer do what it does best: quickly and painlessly automate repetitive tasks.



    With TemplateBox you merely click the app icon in your menu bar, then drag a template from a shelf to Finder to pattern a new document based on it; Double click the icon and clone a new file that opens automatically.
    black shelves holding template files

    TemplateBox can hold unlimited templates but shows only up to nine icons by design for simple and intuitive access. A template can be displayed as an icon or content preview.



    One convenient Windows feature missing in OS X is the ability to quickly create a new text file in the current folder. Creating a new document in Mac OS X has traditionally entailed switching to the appropriate application, creating a new document, choosing the Save command, and then navigating - via the Save dialog - to the folder in which you want the new document to reside.

    Luckily, TemplateBox makes it quite easy. Next time you want to create a new file in the current folder, all you need to do is click the icon on the menu bar and drag an icon to Finder - simple as that.

    Visit TemplateBox web site for an introduction video. Grab this handy app today and shape your workflow with it by quickly creating documents on-the-fly.

    * Template Box supports OS X 10.7 - 10.9 and retina screens.

    We offer 20 promo codes to volunteers who would like to help test this app and provide feedback. Leave a message here or contact me at richard@nexushubs.com to participate.

    Download TemplateBox at -

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    Neat app, like it!

    Good for new-comers from windows. :D:apple:
  3. Michaelgtrusa, May 30, 2014
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    This is a very good looking new Mac app! I would love to test and provide you with the feedback that you need. Thanks for sharing.

    Michael. I responded by E-Mail and received a code. Thank you.
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    Have replied via email in re to participating.

    Update: I am a web & graphic designer who has many PSD and Indesign templates that I use on a regular basis. You app has been a godsend. I no longer have to search through Finder to locate templates that I commonly use. After using it for the last couple of days, I do not believe I could do with out it now. It will save me countless time. I would like to thank you for introducing me to your app and would recommend it to any professional in my trade.

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