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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jj5406, May 12, 2016.

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    I need to send my MBP running Yosemite out for repairs, which could take several weeks. In the interim, I would like to "restore" my system from my time capsule backup onto a loaner computer and use that, so that everything from my old computer will be there and where I expect it to be, and everything should work as I expect it to. When I'm done, I would like to do the reverse of that operation, so that any work I've done or changes I've made in the interim will make it back on to my old computer.

    I am thinking that I can achieve this by booting with command-r and restoring from the time capsule to get my old system onto the loaner computer and then just use it as "normal". I feel that if I do this, the loaner should basically be a clone of the old computer, and therefore, when it does *its* routine backups to the time capsule, it should just continue using/adding to the sparsebundle for the old computer.

    I get the feeling that it's not quite that simple though. The loaner computer may want to do its backups to a different sparsebundle, etc. I read somewhere about using "tmutil inheritbackup", but after reading the man page on that, I'm not sure if there are also other steps that would need to be taken.

    Can someone help me out with the simplest way to achieve this goal?


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    Put your work on an external drive and this way you won't have to worry about backing up twice.

    Of course, you should back up before you take your computer to the shop.

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