Tempted to buy a 4GB Silver Nano


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Mar 24, 2006
I'm thinking of getting a new Nano, especially now that they're less prone to scratches. I know flash players have the edge over the big iPod in terms of speed and sound. I returned my orginial nano because it was just too delicate. I mean my 30GB has a dent on it because i mistakenly threw it accross the room while trying to describe something to a friend. I need something with strong build the aluminium provides, plus this would match my PB.

Anyway, this would also mean i can use my 30GB iPod as a full backup HDD as my entire music library is 3GB worth...for now anyways with the rest being files, folders, software in dmg formats. Plus these are amazing prices.

I'd wait for christmas but requesting presents for christmas doesn't really fly here, meaning you never get what you really want, just a bunch of other useless stuff (oh its a cook book, thanx, i'll definately read it...NOT!). Bottom line if you want something, get it, cos it won't be coming on your birthday or on christmas.

Do i really NEED it?..No but i want it.

Anyhue what do you guys think?


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Oct 30, 2005
Depends really. What would you use it for? I'd buy it if you were into jogging or going to the gym. Maybe to justify your purchase take up jogging!


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Jan 10, 2006
I bought the old nano when it first came out. Probably used it 10 times since then. Its nice though :D I mostly listen to music on my mac thats why I dont use it so often even so the new nanos do look tasty!


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Apr 17, 2005
Go on treat yourself ;)

I ordered the silver 2GB last night, and am also looking to the powerbook colour match... (i'll get out later...)

Just for the day adopt the line of reasoning that you won't live forever...

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Mar 17, 2005
London, UK
I'd love to get one of the new Nanos, they're soooo much nicer than the first generation imo. They are what the Nano should always have been, an actual replacement for the second generation iPod Mini. They come in colours, are anodised aluminium and have sizes equal to and greater than the Mini. I have a 6GB mini and I wasn't going to go down in storage size. Now I'm very tempted with the new black Nano.
I have to say that I've always been very happy with my Mini, primarily because of the size and the Nanos only improve on this. I much prefer the Nanos and the Minis to the bigger iPod due to their size. They literally slip into your pocket and are great on an armband or wristband whilst running, jogging, cycling or skiing. :)