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TenFourFox GUI


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Mar 20, 2011
Is there a theme or something to change the awful background window colour of TenFourFox to one like the rest of the OS. I've searched but I cant find anything.


May 12, 2011
Do you refer to the new pale GUI from v. 8 onwards? I don't like it because it doesn't match OS 10.5


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Dec 18, 2010
Can we all just get over flash?

As Thundersnake says, many, many ways to watch youtube (and most other webvideo) without Flash, or even a browser. All of them beat flash on a ppc mac. Ok, one of them is flash. Here, lets list them, in order of bad-ass'dness:

1) Mactubes
2) Youview
3) Minitube
4) Flashvideoreplacer (Firefox/TFF extension, copy the url, or download)
5) Downloadhelper (another extension, copy the url, or download the flv or mp4 file)
6) Viewtube (Greasemonkey script-replaces flash with quicktime. Works in webkit browsers as well with Greasekit)
7) Pwntube
8) Not a replacement but PPC Flash 10.1 can be replaced by a hacked version to look like 11.1 to sites that care...
9) HTML 5
10) TFF very own Quicktime Enabler

There are others. But these ten should give everyone a start point.

If you are using flash alone on a ppc mac in 2012 you owe it to yourself to investigate one of the above methods and then implement it...
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