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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Dronecatcher, Jul 4, 2016.

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    One of the issues that has prevented me from using TenFourFoxBox to create apps using mobile websites and turning to Fluid apps instead (Leopard only), is the bug from TFFB ignoring the mobile device user agent I've set up in TFF (or any user agent in fact) - it always uses the default.
    An example is a FoxBox app made for Youtube mobile site - even though the app points to http://m.youtube.com, the app is interrogated by the site and the desktop version is served up instead.

    I've found the issue and it is relevant to anyone who uses TFFB, has a tweaked version of TFF and/or wants to use a different user agent.
    When a new FoxBox is created, rather than use the existing preference file from TFF, it creates a new one - so any tweaks set up in TFF are ignored.

    To remedy this, after running your FoxBox the first time, quit, go your home folder, Library/Application Support/***the name of your FoxBox***/Profiles/******.default/ from here, delete prefs.js and replace it with a copy of the same file from your Application Support/Firefox folder.
    Now you will have a working FoxBox running all your TFF tweaks.
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    This also will allow you to use the performance tweaks that @eyoungren has developed inside of your FoxBox apps. Great find @Dronecatcher!

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