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    Dec 18, 2010
    Commenter (if you read tenfourfox development blog you'll recognize the name) has just posted that tenfourkit (a modern, updated webkit engine for safari) is available now as an app for 10.4. Click to Flash works for youtube, but you must disable plugins, apparently.


    I have no more 10.4 running macs to test it on, but would love to hear how it works. Maybe the luddite (macindan on this forum) will be willing post a review, as he is honest as abe lincoln and knows his 10.4.

    Long live the PowerPC.
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    Jun 26, 2010
    It looks like it's Safari 4 with security updates and bug fixes. I couldn't find any release notes or a roadmap. I wonder if it'll ever have add-on support.

    So far its performance is comparable to the old Safari. It should be something to keep an eye on as TenFourFox will have increased memory requirements after version 17.
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    I'm always glad to see groups of people maintaining support for PowerPC. With all these projects going on to maintain browsers for PowerPCs, I'm hoping someone will back-port the latest Mozilla bug-fixes etc. to Firefox 3.6. I'd love to see a "lean and mean" version of PowerPC Firefox that's secure and up-to-date. Don't get me wrong...I love TenFourFox and AuroraFox, but I think back-porting security/bug fixes to older browsers would be a great option for maintaining a low level of CPU/Memory usage on G3s and single-G4s.
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    it seems to speed up browsing on my DP450...

    UPDATE: i now can check my gmail, listen to pandora AND go on facebook while on here! Before i couldnt have more than 2 tabs open, or i would pinwheel.

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