Terminator season 2 on iTunes?


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Oct 10, 2004
Last year they had "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" on iTunes exactly one day after each episode aired. This year I do not see the show in the iTunes store under the category "returning this fall". I just wanted to know if Apple still intends to put the second season on iTunes, and if so, will it be quick?

Oh, and if you haven't watched it, pick up season 1. It's one of the top shows on television.


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May 9, 2008
im sure it will be up some time today after the media event.
Doesn't look like it. Thirty minutes ago, they were still selling season 1 of Terminator on iTunes. Now, it's nowhere to be found and no season 2. I really do not understand iTunes and the way it works. Sometimes things are on it and then gone only to return weeks later.

Example, suddenly, today, after being gone for almost a month, Estelle is again for sale on the music store and in a banner on the top of the page. Her album was for sale for months, then it inexplicably disappeared about a month ago. Now it's back. It's like, what the heck?

This happens all the time. I think iTunes should offer an explanation. I mean, now that Terminator (season 1 or season 2) is not avail. at all, it's like they (be it iTunes, or the company who produces it's decision) WANT us to illegally download the eps. and music. I've been waiting for the store to be updated for hours this morning just so I could buy it on iTunes. Well, it's completely gone. So now I got the torrent and I'll pay for nothing.



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Sep 9, 2008
Season Pass is available for season 2 on iTunes

Maybe they just added it but thought I'd correct/update. You can buy the season pass for season 2 for 39.99 on itunes right now, the first episode isn't up yet but I'm sure it will be today sometime. Also Season 1 is still available.