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Oct 17, 2010
hey guys ive had my iphone 6 for a week now and i have ios 8.0.2 installed on it, and the battery life is just terrible, i have background app refresh completely off, email push is off and my email account is set to manual instead of fetch, i can't figure out why its so bad, i mean if i dont use the phone then the battery holds up i guess but if i use it to browse facebook or just play a game or whatever it is drainging really quickly.. i also have notifications turned off for nearly every app other than messages and facetime.. i cant figure out whats causing the drainage.. i have my brightness set to 1/4 of the full brightness as well so its not my brightness.
i have also drained the battery completely till the phone shuts off and did a full charge overnight to calibrate the battey
i have checked the built in battery usage monitor in ios 8 and i dont see anything unsual there, what does home and lock screen mean though because that seems to be always at the top of battery usuage?

if any one has any tips for me id really appreciate it, Thank you.
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Sep 21, 2013
What do you mean by terrible battery life? You haven't given much info. When do you unplug and when does your phone run out of juice? Do you play a lot of games? What are your stats?


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May 8, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
terrible battery life on iPhone 6 and iOS 8.0.2 please help

Try not playing games for a day. If I stream movies on my 6 plus the battery won't last all day either.


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Oct 18, 2011
If you can provide a pic of your battery stats. Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage, and use your home button and your power button to take a screen shot and upload that.

Once we see it we can help you what may be the cause.


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Sep 26, 2007
You're not alone. Battery life is indeed horrible with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8.0.2. I'm getting about 6 hours in standby with WiFi on, Bluetooth off, Location services off, Refresh Background Apps off, and no Apps running. This is nothing running and putting the iPhone down on a table at night and not touching it until morning. I called Apple twice and they ran diagnostics. Battery tested good and hardware tested good. Software and operating system showed some errors. I restored as a new iPhone. New problems surfaced (such as the bluetooth car audio connection no longer working) and all the other problems remained. My second call to Apple with diagnostics produced the same results. Battery and hardware good, software and operating system errors. My conclusion - iOS 8.0.2 is still buggy. Remember that iOS 8.0.1 made it out about an hour before it was discovered that it killed cellular connections and Apple pulled it. Their quality control was lacking. I think they rushed 8.0.2 and still failed to release a solid product. Many of us are still suffering for it. Apple does not make a bug list available to either its customers nor its lower lever tech support people. So we are left speculating and frustrated. Hopefully a new quality control manager is overseeing iOS 8.1.


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Jul 18, 2010
I have been getting great battery life from my IPhone 6 did you setup as a new phine or restore a backup mine was setup as a new phone only thing imported was contacts and notes from iCloud


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Oct 17, 2010
i have set up as a new phone i didnt restore from any backup either..


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Oct 12, 2014
haven't noticed anything on mine yet. crossfingers. That does suck though, I'm actually a bit worried about mine.


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Aug 11, 2009
If you can provide a pic of your battery stats. Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage, and use your home button and your power button to take a screen shot and upload that.

Once we see it we can help you what may be the cause.

This. People often think it's bad battery life, while it's actually perfectly fine.


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Aug 8, 2014
Is your phone warm to very warm when off the charger? If so, you may have runaway processes running. If you restored your iPhone from iTunes as opposed to iCloud when you got it, that may be the underlying cause. It was for me. I posted a thread on the subject somewhere on here.

EDIT: Here.

I also recommend an app called "Normal", which will identify battery-hogging apps that you may be running.

If you take your phone in to an Apple Store, they can run diagnostics on the battery and see if there are any issues.
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Nov 5, 2007

Sometimes phones are physically broken. Yours might be one. I've to a 6 and the battery life is nearly two full days. Granted my usage is fairly light, but by the second day it is still showing 6 to 7 hours of usage (so that doesn't seem that light, but mainly those seven hours are reading and responding to emails) and I've got juice to spare. And battery usage tells me where the juice went. Though I would prefer more than a 24 hour setting, I want a view that shows all usage since the last full charge, which is applicable if I've decided to let the phone go two days between charges.

For my purposes, the 6 has effectively ended the battery life issue. It is unlikely at this stage that I would use it up in a day, even if I started early and stayed out to 4 a.m. A friend who is a heavy user is also getting an easy full day with his 6. Lets see how these phones and their batteries perform in two years though.

I did a clean install. I started with a 4 and carried that over to my 5, so I would have had some older files buried in there. But maybe it is helping with my battery life.

If you can't fix this in a day or two, return the phone.


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May 8, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
terrible battery life on iPhone 6 and iOS 8.0.2 please help

How to maximise your battery life

The majority of us have all been there. You might have been locked out of the house. Lost your friends at a concert. Your alarm is set to make sure you get to work on time.

Your cat has defied the laws of physics to fit in a tiny box, and you have to take a picture before it gets out again. You could even just be about to knock down that final pig with your very last angry bird.

And your battery dies.


It’s never fun when it happens (I feel a little guilty myself knowing that I could have prevented its death) so here are some tips to help your battery life last as long as possible and avoid the mad race to the charger.

Smart phones and tablets

One of the most important tips to save the battery life of these devices is to turn off the things you don’t need to use.

It’s great to be able to multitask, however it’s not always necessary, and may save you from unexpected battery demise.

This includes:

Turning off background apps you’re not using.
Disabling app notifications for as many as you can, or at least for some of the day. No one needs a NSFW Snapchat from a friend with questionable humour popping up at work anyway.
Disabling location services and GPS.
Disabling automatic downloads.
Set email to fetch rather than push, or retrieve it manually.
If you have an iPhone with Siri on it, turn off Raise to Speak (The option that allows you to communicate with Siri without having to press any buttons).
Turn off vibration. This uses more power than it takes to make your phone ring, so if it’s not necessary then ditch it!
If you’re using a device with an AMOLED screen, use a dark background, as power is only used to light up the lighter pixels on the screen.
Turning these settings on and off will depend on the type of smart phone or tablet you have and the software version you’re using, but a quick Google search will tell you all you need to know on how it’s done.


While smart phones and tablets are most prevalent in the dark world of the drained battery, a dying battery in your laptop can cause a great deal more trouble. Here are some laptop specific tips:

Constantly re-opening and re-loading applications will drain your battery, so if you do need to use a number throughout the day, it’s better to leave them open.
Run simpler applications where you can, such as text edit instead of RAM heavy programs like Microsoft Word.
Get to know the power management section of your laptop. This will allow you to manage your display, sleep options and other settings to get the most out of your battery life.
Shutdown fully instead of choosing the sleep or hibernate mode.
Avoid using your laptop in extreme heat, which will drain your battery.
Don’t use too many peripherals at once! Multiple USB sticks, CD drives and external hard drives will use up your power. You also need to make sure you eject any devices not in use as these can still use up power while connected.
Make sure you constantly use the battery, otherwise it will leak power if it is left out of use for an extended period of time.
Know when to replace your battery. Battery life decreases over time, and will usually last for around 2-4 years.
For ALL the devices

Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, or your trusty smart phone, there are a few things that will also help across the board:

Reduce screen brightness. This is one of the main culprits of battery drain.
Disable WiFi and mobile data if you’re not using it.
If you need to access the internet and are on a device that can connect to a mobile network, ensure that there are no WiFi networks available first. Searching for a mobile network will use up your battery faster.
Let the power drain fully at least once a month.
Keep your software up to date. Software updates will often include new battery saving features, which are always helpful.


Sep 16, 2012
What happened to iPhone of old where you don't need to tweak here tune there to have good battery life? I thought this used to be an android thing. Looks like a role reversal of role here. Nowadays you don't need to tweak android to get good battery life.
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