Terrible Customer Service at Annapolis Apple Store

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ccashman92, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Aug 1, 2010
    Since about late June or early July I've been going to this store almost non stop for repairs on my 17 15" Spring 2010 Macbook Pro. It has gotten out of hand now. I'm still taking it in almost everyday, leaving it over night, and picking it up the next day. I went in today and that all changed. But first let me start at the beginning.

    I took it in cause I was getting the common issues from the new models: freezing, slow, hot, etc. Well, they told me to go home and reinstall the OS. So of course I rushed home and reinstalled the OS and used it fora few days. It kept doing it.

    Now I took it in and they said it must be the RAM. But it will take about 2 days for the RAM to come in. So they told me to come back in, in about 2 days and that it'll take around 15 minutes. Well, I come back in 2 days and they take it in but it took 3 days or so to do the swap. This in my opinion is unacceptable.

    The RAM obviously wasn't the issue. So I go in and they said they will replace it. But, since they don't have my upgraded HDD, it'll take 2 weeks to come in. I wait out the 2 weeks and come back in and they said they'd do a data transfer. Well, they forgot to tell me I had to leave it over night.

    I come back the next day and they hadn't even started the transfer like they said they had. So I come back the next day and its done. Now the issue is its still slow, the lid is rough, and my replacement is a lemon too!!

    Well, I take it back and they say not to worry its just a software issue. So they take it in over night and wipe everything but my user folder and run the tests and SHOULD HAVE replaced the lid. That appeared to clear things up, but not fully. I still freeze every once in a while but not as often. I also notice the lid wasn't replaced as promised.

    Now for today...

    I come in, walk up to the genius bar, no appointment. They ask if they can help me and the first guy is super nice and said he'll check it in and do the tests but he doesn't think anything will change. But he said he'll replace the lid. I ask to talk to the Manager to see if she would give me a refund or an even exchange even know its from May.

    She comes out and says sorry for all the issues but says there is nothing she can do. She can't fix it, replace it again, anything. So I say but this is your fault that I got a lemon for a replacement. You should have been able to recognize it was a software issue and told me not to transfer my data. I also mentioned the lid. She tried to tell me the new models have a rough lid, which I know isn't true. I tell her that and she tells me to go check the display models. When I do she goes to the back room and doesn't come back.

    I ask to speak with her again and wait by the display models and ask her to feel the lid, she refuses. I say why not and she said there is no need. I say well why aren't I getting one like this? It works properly, look properly, and is what it is supposed to be. She said that every one of them is different. She can't promise me a perfect one. But she told me to talk to the head tech for any repair issues not her and she had an attitude. So I asked to speak with him.

    She said he was on his lunch and couldn't speak. I asked how are you speaking to him them? Cause she had told me that he told her that the displays were all rough. She said cause hes in the back. Well If I know correct, while on your lunch you can't talk about anything work related. Correct?

    This is my experience up to today. They have my MBP and I have a feeling they are treating it like crap at the moment. But I requested a replacement and it is pending the opinion of the lead tech.

    What would you guys do? I'm so lost on what to do now it is insane. I'm furious with this "customer service" that they pride themselves on. I tried calling Apple and they guy told me to call him back cause I was running updates and I did but he had left his office. (Even though it only took 10 minutes.) I left a message and he never called back and it has been 2 days. What should I do?
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    Oct 24, 2007
    1. tl;DIDr, but still tl :D
    2. How many repair have you had on the machine.
    3. No appointment? Come onnnnnnnn man unless you have Pro Care you know that's just not gonna fly.
    4. Apple - Apple Store Feedback. After you leave a calm, informative, yet assertive message that your experience was unsatisfactory, you'll have an option at the end to receive a call back from the manager. Do so, again, calmly, and let the manager know whats up.
    5. Send it to texas next time if they don't get you set up right.
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    Aug 11, 2008
    About a year ago i had a not so pleasing experience regarding an iphone replacement with the genius bar, after what has been said and done i was finally able to replace the phone under warranty because the screen was defective. A day or so later i received an automated email to fill out a survey of some sorts regarding the experience of my last visit to the apple store. After filling out the survey making sure to include the unsatisfactory experience i received during my visit i got a call a couple days later from the store manager/apple representative (not exactly sure who it was) wanting to ask more about what had happened and apologizing... I was surprised that i would even be getting a follow up call.

    i am sure if you fill out the survey above you will get a response from someone that is willing to solve the problem you are facing.
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    Aug 1, 2010
    I did the survey, just basically posted my post in the message. Thanks for the link. Any other suggestions?
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    It sounds like you might have approached it with the wrong attitude, and also, unrealistic expectations. If you were that unhappy after the first few visits, you could have probably pressed for (and gotten) a refund.

    There is a point where nothing will satisfy someone, and a refund is the best bet. Unfortunately, it seems like you've missed the opportunity to ask for one.

    You might want to try a different Apple Store, since they'll no doubt remember you on future visits. Customer service is Apple's whole deal, but they also have a store to run and there's just no pleasing some people.

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