Terrible screen when it's real dark

Discussion in 'iPad' started by PrometheusGeek, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Has anyone else seen? I turn off all light in the rooms, so it is very much total darkness. I mean no light at all. I put Rowell under door and tape windows so there is not no light whatsoever coming to the room. Then I turn my iPad bright to all the way up. Then I put a picture of total black on the screen nd guess WHAT? Dudes - it's not even black at all .. Also, if I hold it so that I staring at the very edge, so that I can barely see e sideways screen tilting, I see purples. WTF APPLE?! I pay $500 for this CRAP? :mad: I would post a pic but a dropped my camera in the pitch dark black and it broke. WTF Sony?! :eek:
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    Yeah, well, also some buds and I wanted to watch The Wall video by Floyd and so we dropped some acid and put it on my iPad and it got all rainbowey color weird so explain that one cuz there's no way that any LED light leak could make all those colors swirl around like that crap man apples real screwed up since Steve died theyre totally dropping logs and goin bankrupt
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