Terrible Streaming on New Airport Exptreme

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by SteinMaster, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Feb 28, 2009
    Just bought the new generation AE and am getting horrible streaming over wireless network. I replaced a 4th gen AE with the new gen AE as my main router connected to my cable modem. I am now using the fourth gen AE to extend my network range (wirelessly connected to the new generation AE) to extend my network range. Since I upgraded and configured this, I get horrible streaming. When I plug in and use Ethernet from the 4th gen (old) AE, the streaming and download time is extremely fast. Remember, I have the 4th gen AE wirelessly connected to the 5th gen AE (which is connected to modem). Why could I be loosing so much performance on wireless? I know my ISP speed and browser is not the issue since I have no issues when using Ethernet (cable connected to the 4th gen AE). On wireless, I am getting over 300 transmit rate and an RSSI of -53. I am using the 5GHz on 157 channel; 802.11n.
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    You lose half the wireless bandwidth by having the 4th gen AE connected wirelessly and connecting to it wirelessly, which is why it works when you plug in since then you get full bandwidth.

    See if you can get an ethernet cable from the 5th gen to the 4th gen.

    Extending via wireless is great for adding range but it's not at the full wireless bw :(

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