Test: Crazy Fast Boot Time + Application Launching in 20 seconds! STOCK


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Jun 27, 2007
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I ordered the 15" 2.2 with stock 128 SSD ($90 upgrade).

This is one killer machine! I did a test and set CS5 Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Indesign, Firefox, App Store, Mail, Twitter, iCal, Office 2011 Word and Excel to all load at login. The results were mind blowing!

From the time the light gray bootup screen popped up until all of the above apps were loaded was about 20 seconds! I ran this same test on my early 2008 MBP and it took it a little over 8 minutes! Lol! And it has 6GB ram, which was pushed over the 4GB limit with some special order OWC parts last year. This new machine has only 4GB at the moment, as the 8GB chips are arriving tomorrow from NewEgg.

I didn't have any design classes today, but before my Islamic Art History class I busted it out and showed one of my fellow graphic designer friends and his jaw about knocked a hole in the floor. He immediately started texting some other people about it, lol. It was that cool.

I can only imagine what this machine will be like next year when I upgrade to an even faster 3rd party 256GB SSD. Wow.

I can't recommend this configuration enough. If enough people want me to, I can post a video of it that I shot for my friend in another state. I don't really do the YouTube thing, so I'd have to go figure out what I need to do. I think my iPhone 4 can upload it to YouTube, right?

Some other notes from Day 1 of ThunderBook:

- The hi-res actually gave me a little more room in Photoshop than I originally thought. Great for working on website mockups for class @ 100% zoom 1:1 pixel size. Very happy with it.

- Gaming is pretty good. Could run Portal on all high settings native 1920 x 1200 2x anti-alias. Going to try HL2 Ep2 and Bioshock later this weekend.

- Battery life, while much better than my old system, doesn't quite live up to Apple's numbers. At least not for what I've been doing, which I guess makes sense. Lots of Photoshop and web work today pulling a heavy load. Plus I keep my brightness at 2/3 to 3/4 strength most of the time on battery.

- Had a small issue where my MagicMouse was lagging out pretty bad. It was functioning, but going very slowly across the screen, almost like it was only receiving 10-20% of the input feedback for positioning. PERHAPS linked to downloads over WIFI happening at the same time. Let's hope that the MBP isn't suffering the same problem as many iPhones and iPads with simultaneous BT and WIFI use. That kind of kills the point of a Magic Mouse, no?

- Bought an InCase Compact Backpack. Great fit, form, and function. Securely holds the MBP, my iPad, and my iPhone 4 in their own pockets. Also had a nice interior mesh pocket to hold the Magic Mouse and a pocket that fits the charger really well. There are a few other pockets for odds and ends. The side pocket fits very little. Maybe a wallet? The front side pocket is also smallish, could probably hold a small sketchbook and some pencils. Also has pencil/pen holders on the interior and more space below to store things than I thought. It easily holds my Wacom Intuos 4x6, The Smashing Book #2, a medium sized sketchbook and my pencil box with a little room to spare. Both the top iPhone pocket and interior MBP pocket have a lush soft lining, like a fake fur, that is really delicate on the electronics and even helps to keep the iPhone screen clean! I highly recommend this backpack for students on the go.

My only remaining issue is deciding on whether to install an Optibay like device to expand the disk space for storing files (I already added that spec to my sig but now rethinking it), or going with say a 1TB bus-powered external drive to keep in my new bag in the remaining interior pocket. Right now I have about 90GB free on my machine. If I don't do any videos or a lot of photography, I only generate about 20GB of content during the typical semester, so I should be ok. I have piles of 3.5" externals to dump to! I also ordered a refurb AirPort Extreme, so that should be here Friday. I'm going to try hooking my 2TB drive up to it and installing my iTunes library on there. I mainly access my library at home, but also read that MobileMe allows access to this disk remotely. It should also be good in case I need to grab some older files while at school, or some of my photography to use in a design, when I need limited access. I just worry about the speed of my DSL at home limiting this. But if it works well enough, I might not get the big, portable external.

Well thanks for reading my novel if you made it this far, lol. I'm just so excited about everything from today and needed to share this with others! I am very pleased with my purchase for the most part.


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Feb 3, 2011
IC, Iowa
Awesome! Makes me even more excited (if that's even possible :D) to receive the machine currently in my signature!

A video would be cool also! :)


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Feb 2, 2011
This is common with SSD equipped laptops. I've been using various SSD's for the last few years, fast boot times are the norm.