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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's TestFlight app designed to allow testers to install and beta test apps ahead of their release was today updated to version 2.0.0, introducing an overhauled user interface that's been updated for iOS 11.

TestFlight now features an iOS 11-style design with bold headlines, more white space, clear sections for apps in testing and apps previously tested, and app pages that more closely resemble App Store app pages.


Apple has added a new welcome screen that appears when opening the TestFlight app for the first time after updating, and there's a new 3D Touch option for redeeming a code or updating all TestFlight apps from the Home screen, a handy new addition.

On the iPad, Apple has added support for Split View multitasking when using TestFlight alongside another app. Along with the new app design, there's also a brand new app icon with a simpler design that does away with the box surrounding the TestFlight propeller.

TestFlight can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

Article Link: TestFlight App Updated With Overhauled Interface for iOS 11


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Jan 26, 2008
Isla Nublar
I would love if iTunes Connect got an overhaul. Its seriously like pulling teeth trying to get TestFlight invitations to send .


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May 15, 2006
Wow...everything is so bold and big. It doesn't even seem to use Apple's own dynamic type. Am I the only one that doesn't like the redesign?
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