testing an sc20 external hard drive


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Sep 10, 2006
Adelaide, South Australia
I mentioned in another thread that I've picked up an old 20sc hard drive recently. What machine could I connect this to to test if it's functioning properly? Rattle off some model numbers please... I'm new to mac ownership, but used them throughout my education.

Also, what's some good diagnostic software for external devices such as this? I'm guessing I may have to format the drive also before it's ready to use. Anything I can download off the web? What about hooking it up to a PC, and formatting for macintosh somehow? Ideas, people? :confused:


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Jun 18, 2002
near Boulder, CO. USA
Let's get some e-mail going this weekend, I think I can help you out a lot with the old stuff.
I've got a whole room full of nothing but old Macs and PC portables/"sewing machines"



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Mar 17, 2004
You should be able to hook the 20sc up to most any 1980s-1990s Mac's 25-pin SCSI port. The 20sc's were originally released to be used with the Macintiosh Plus but any of the 680x0 processor-based Macs (except the 128k and 512k) should work. Use the HDSC Setup application found included with the old system 6 and 7 disks.

You can probably use one of the newer, PPC-based Macs with the Drive Setup application, but I haven't ever tried it.

Good Luck.