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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Doctor Q, Jul 17, 2006.

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    I don't use AOL but I'm working on a web site that I'll need to have look right with AOL. Can I test it without signing up for AOL myself? Even if AOL turns free, I'd rather not have to sign up, but I will need to test pages regularly.

    Do AOL users still use a special web browser from AOL, or do they pick any web browser they like, as the rest of us do? Is testing with some version of Internet Explorer for Windows equivalent to testing for AOL/Windows users? What about Mac users?
  2. Lau Guest

    I'm not sure how AOL renders a page, but it is a piece of standalone software, and users don't use a browser, or mail, it's all integrated into the software. It's also worth bearing in mind that their browser window will be smaller than their screen, because the AOL program puts a big banner and bar down the side.
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    As far as I know, AOL allows users to use an existing browser to browse the web. I haven't used AOL, so I have no idea, but I'm fairly certain this is how it works.

    However, that being said, as far as I know the AOL client is wrapped around Internet Explorer, much like the MSN client is/was. This is strange, of course, considering they own Netscape ... but oh well. They may have switched over to Mozilla-based rendering by now, but testing against either IE or Firefox would be sufficient, I think.
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    AOL on Windows just uses Internet Explorer 6, and on Mac its some form of Mozilla.
  5. Lau Guest

    That is a point - users can use their own system apps – in the final dark days of my AOL contract, I used Mail.app, Safari and iChat. But most users who use AOL either on a Mac or a PC will be using its own built in browser, which may render a page in its own special, exciting way, as AOL software is wont to do...
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    I'll be damned! People still use AOL? Is this Web site for a retirement home? :D
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    I had this problem a few years back. All you can do is ask a buddy or a friend with the AOL browser to check it. I bet hardly anyone uses it anymore.

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