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    I was having a discussion with my friend and it quickly changed subject from Michael Jackson to whether a monkey would do better on a test that is 10000 questions long over a test that was 1 question long. Although I am aware that as something is tested over and over the right/wrong ratio will even out, but with a monkey I think it would be entirely different. I think and will continue to think that a monkey will do better on a test that is one question long because there's less opportunity for the monkey to choose a wrong answer. (We were referring to four choice multiple choice tests.) I emailed my old professor and he was pretty neutral about this, he couldn't give us a definitive answer. I do not think monkeys are like flipping a coin or rolling dice.

    I just wrote this on Facebook to a friend in defense of my argument.
    What do you guys think? Sorry if my rambling isn't too clear.
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    are the results of each answer instant? (will it quickly find out it was right or wrong before going to the next question).

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