Tests are out....Raptor and Maxtor beat new Hitachi


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Dec 11, 2004
I know a few people out there were saying that the new Hitachi HD's were going to be the fastest, but the Maxtor Maxline III (and Diamondmax 10) and the Western Digital Raptor are still the fastest drives. Anyone looking to get a new boot or storage drive, these are the ones to look for.

I have both in my G4 and I couldn't be any happier. Overall system performance is much faster.


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Jun 25, 2005
slightly off-topic - I just bought a DM10 (retail kit labelled "Ultra16") at Fry's for a second HD on my new desktop. I was planning on making it my secondary disk - media storage (iTunes, photos, projects, etc.) and the 250GB OEM drive my primary. But I guess I'd be smart to switch them, no?

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Sep 4, 2004
Berkshires, Mass.
The Maxtor MaxLine III (and Diamondmax 10) SATA drives are great drives if you are using a Firmtek SATA card or using built-in SATA slots. Be careful when buying, because early production of these drives do not work reliably with Sonnet SATA cards. Also, they only have the newer SATA power connector (most SATA drives also include a "Legacy" power connector). It is possible to update the ROM on these early production Maxtor SATA drives using a PC, but this is a major hassle.