Tethered vs Untethered JB

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    Hate to post such a n00b question but what is the difference between these two? Not sure what it means and I see a lot of inquiries about it so I'm guessing it's an important topic. Thanks.
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    Tethered Jailbreak: is when a computer or another device (external Harddrive, modChip. etc) is required to inject the Jailbreaking code at boot. So once your iDevice is successfully jailbroken, you'll need to connect your iDevice to your computer if you ever need to reboot your iPhone or your iPhone loses battery charge.

    Untethered Jailbreak: Means that the Jailbraking code live somewhere inside the iDevice and it can be invoke at boot without the need of any external device.

    More here: Jailbreaking FAQ and commonly use terminology, + Guides

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