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Nov 17, 2012
I'm wondering if I could find a tethering app for the iPhone 5. I've done a little searching on Google but couldn't find anything that hasn't been pulled from the App Store yet. I really don't want to have to jailbreak my device to download TetherMe. Is there any other way (other than paying through my carrier)?


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Oct 14, 2011
Keep in mind that if you do use a JB app to tether, you run the risk of your carrier finding out and forcing you onto a plan with tethering including. So you if you have an unlimited grandfathered plan and your carrier does this to you, kiss that plan good bye.

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May 25, 2012
If you are a developer there is open source and ready to run code out there. Otherwise if you keep your eye out on the store certain apps will slide by reviewers time from time. I believe the last to get by was FlashArmy. Apple removes these from the store once they find out but they dont erase them from your phone so if you are quick you can find them.


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Feb 25, 2013
Yeah, I've got a Google alert set up for this, which is actually how I found this thread. I suspect Apple has an alert set up as well, though, so I don't know if my strategy will actually help me get one of these elusive apps.
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