Tethering hack (well not really a hack)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gangst, Jun 19, 2009.

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    just wondered, I've installed the updated network settings from benm.at, I'm with O2 UK and got tethering working. I wouldn't call it a hack as it is just unleashing a feature which is already there and to be honest networks shouldn't be charging more for.

    I can;t see O2 figuring out I've changed the settings to tether, but is there anyway they can conclusively prove I;m tethering without paying for it? Ok my useage may be up a little, but that's not conclusive at all.

    I guess the same applies to the US guys enabling tethering and MMS...

    Thanks for any opinions on this matter.
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    If you're asking if it is technically possible to detect a tethered computer, the answer is yes it is (see the discussion on this thread for more details).

    As to whether O2 have got the technology in place or the will to do it is another question, but seeing as how they've been quoted as saying they'll cut off or charge anyone using unauthorised tethering, they may well have.

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