Tethering options once 3.0 OFFICIALLY releases

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by the1payday, Apr 23, 2009.

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    So, when 3.0 officially releases its a good bet that AT&T will offer a monthly tethering package for the iPhone which must be activated to have the feature unlocked on the phone. Since people have been releasing the "plist" upgrades to enable MMS, Tethering, Etc. in the beta 3.0 software, is it a safe bet to assume that the same thing will happen once AT&T officially releases their iPhone tethering package? Meaning, one could just download the unofficial plist file and enable tethering anyways, without doing the AT&T official way? I know that AT&T can still find out if you are tethering, and charge you accordingly, but that is not my question.
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    I think so, yeah. Isn't there already tethering on jail broken phones though?
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    If it's possible to circumvent the roadblocks put in place by using the updated plist files in the current beta I don't see any reason why it still wouldn't work with the final release. We'll have a better idea once we get closer to final release and the last 2 beta releases or so.

    And yes, they will probably be able to bust you if you use your "free" tethering a little too much.
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    I'll be back in a bit with your answer, Marty!


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