Tethering vs. other remote connecting alternatives

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    Jun 7, 2008
    First, and foremost, I signed up with AT&T after the removal of unlimited data plans, so please keep that in mind when reading through my dilemma.

    I am working on a client where there is no internet connectivity and I need a way of connecting to the internet remotely. My three alternatives are:

    -iPhone tethering
    -AT&T Broadband card
    -Verizon Blackberry

    Basically, I'm concerned that with the tethering added to my iPhone, I will go over the 2GB limit easily. Can anyone say from experience how much usage they see from using their iPhone and tethering? I'd be using it with a work computer mostly just to replicate e-mails and chat on our internal instant messaging program, but with big files, etc. coming in, I figured this would eat up my data. I'm already using over 500MB per month as it is, so my limit here would be around 1.5GB.

    Here are my insights on each:

    -iPhone tethering: the cheapeast alternative plus good to have outside of the client as well.

    -AT&T Broadband card: I can expense this while I'm at the client, but once I roll off here, I'm locked in to the 2-year contract and cannot expense it. While this is probably the easiest alternative given my data concerns, it also is the most costly.

    ***If anyone has information about a month-to-month broadband card, that would be greatly appreciated and may solve my problem***

    -Verizon blackberry: The most costly overall, but I can be on my parents' family plan for my phone charges, get my work e-mail on my phone again, which is a plus, but not necessity, and have unlimited tethering still.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, especially regarding iPhone data usage with tethering and if a month-to-month broadband card exists.
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    Jun 29, 2010
    Take a look at Virgin Mobile Data. They are pay as you go so you could buy the laptop connector and then just pay for what internet you need. You would need to see if they have coverage where your client is though.

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