Tethering with an AT&T iPad

Discussion in 'iPad' started by eagleglen, Aug 6, 2012.

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    When the new iPad 4G was released, the AT&T variant didn't offer tethering even though the Version version did. I've just spoken to two reps that say tethering is now possible if you have the 5GB for $50 plan, but not the 3GB $30 plan. I can find nothing on their web site to confirm this, and the second rep I spoke to said its been this way for a year, which I know isn't true, so he lost credibility.

    Does anyone know if this is true? I would test it, but I have data left in my 3GB bucket and I would loose it if I switch. There is also some difference between Pre-paying and post paying plans. I prefer the self-serve Pre-pay plan hat I can purchase as needed from the iPad itself. So if you do have tethering with AT&T, which type of iPad plan are you using. Thanks for your assistance. Calling AT&T and getting any info on the iPad Pre-paid plans is absurdly difficult.

    Also, I am not interested in their new shared plans. I do have an AT&T iPhone, but with just the phone and iPad, the shared plans aren't beneficial IMO, although tethering will be possible with them.
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    From personal experience, the AT&T reps don't know what they are talking about. 3 gig, 5 gig, doesn't matter. The iPad doesn't tether with any of AT&T's current data plans. Where the reps are confused, is the tethering is free with a qualifying iPhone data plan, so your iPad would be using the iPhone 3G connection, foregoing the iPad's 4G. Only reason I know, is that I went through hell about 2 weeks ago with activation and got enough credits from AT&T to bring my $200 phone bill down to $30. Had to get way up the chain to get real answers. Supposedly, the new shared plan coming late this month will finally allow the iPad to be used for tethering. Now, I have also had the AT&T reps tell me that the 3 gig plan qualifies, and when they turned it on, the option became available on my iPhone before I got the whole mess straightened out. Good luck, and hope this helps save you the hours that I wasted.

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