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    so I have the AT&T tethering service, bc I don't want to jailbreaky iPhone and I was wondering how it works? it's a little confusing. I thought it was going to be just like a mobile hotspot but I have to connect all other devices through Bluetooth? so AT&T tethering only works if I'm using a computer? I can't, let's say, tether someone's iPod touch to give them wifi? this Is annoying....
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    Exactly. AT&T's tethering option is only for your iPhone to your computer. If you jailbreak you can buy a tether app called MyWi that acts a hot spot as well as tethering from iphone to pc.
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    Like my Greek bro said above.
    You can connect using bluetooth or USB. You wont be able to tether to an ipod touch or an ipad for example.
    There's no wifi hotspot available on the stock iOS. Only if you JB.

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