Text blurring when scrolling quickly.

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    I'm on an iPhone 5S, and I'm just wondering if this is a normal thing or not.

    Basically, when I scroll quite quickly on, say, Twitter, for instance, I find that the text blurs slightly. I'm not sure if "blur" is the right word to use for this, but it does something to make it less readable.

    Is it meant to be completely solid and smooth when scrolling? Or is this thing I am seeing, something that's normal?

    Also, on another note, is it normal to be able to see the screen's pixels? Because, I can. They're tiny, but I can see them when looking closely.
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    Jul 2, 2010
    If by blur you mean it appears pixelated then gets sharp after a second, then it could be just how the app was written. In order to make scrolling as smooth as possible for all phones, some apps essentially save a low-resolution picture of the list and snaps to live content when you stop scrolling. But I didn't think Twitter did this, leading me to think:

    By blur you probably mean a motion blur effect? It happens when the screen is cold, but only when it's cold. If it happens otherwise, I recommend you check out the display units at the Apple Store. If theirs doesn't do it as well, then your display could be faulty.

    And yea, it's normal to see the pixels. They're really tiny but not invisible to the human eye if you hold it really close to your face.

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