Text in the UI and in many apps is not easy to read.


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Jun 28, 2013
Text in universal search under the image is not only small but white on a light colored background, I think I liked the darker background much better or at least make the text black.

And apps like HBO now the text just disappears in the image, very hard to read.

It's a TV interface, text should be much easier to read.

I can only hope we get an Apple TV app that mirrors the display on an iPad for better navigation and input.


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Nov 14, 2011
I wish there was an option to choose between a light and dark background. If we can do it in OS X we should be able to do it here too. In the accessibility settings it allows you to create your own style but I don't know exactly what that's for. It's certainly not for the main interface.

I think the HBO GO app is beautiful but there are some cases where it's light on light text and hard to read. Also the text needs to be larger in most apps. I sometimes wonder if they actually tested it on a big screen tv. This stuff would look fine if it was on my phone or iPad. But on a TV where it's not right in front of my face it's harder to read.
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