Resolved Text Message issue just started after 2 weeks


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Jun 29, 2012
So I am just now running into my first issue after have the watch for 2+ weeks. Ever since I got it I set the watch up to be silent and only to haptic. When I would get text, they would always come to the watch first and I wouldn't get a sound on my phone at all. I liked that and have gotten really used to it.

Today I was having issues with my phone acting like it didn't have cell or wifi service even though it clearly did. This happens to me every once in a while and simple switching to airplane mode and back to reset the signals usually fixes it and if not than a hard reset. So I did the hard reset, everything started working well on my phone again.

After this, now all my texts are going to the phone first with the tone, then a few seconds later I will get the haptic on my watch or I won't even get the haptic and then there will be the red notification dot.

Anyone else run into this issue and know a fix? I have also done a hard reset on the watch, and no luck. All other alerts come to the watch first, just not text. I am running OS 1.0.1 on the watch if that matter.

Thank you.


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Jan 4, 2015
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Here's the thread for this issue:

Here are the instructions, if you choose not to read the thread.
The simplest way is to go to your phone's Settings/Notifications/Messages, if Messages is the problem one which it is for most of us. Toggle Allow Notifications off and then on again. That will restore the proper function. But it is a software glitch that will have to be addressed in an update. Even though toggling will fix it the issue will still happen again. But it's a lot simpler to repeat this than completely wipe the watch by un-pairing.
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Nov 12, 2012
Yep, try the toggling of the messages notification setting first. That usually fixes it. It's likely it happened because you reset the phone and won't reoccurr again until the next time you reset your phone.

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Jul 14, 2011
Just mentioning the following just in case you overlooked this...when the Messages app is open and active on the phone or on your computer, the alerts will be silenced on the watch but will show up silently with the red dot on the watch so I guess the watch is meant to be the primary alert only when the phone and/or your computer are asleep or messages isn't open or active. And when you close the Message app on your computer or iPhone, the watch alerts then becomes active again and the iPhone alert sounds become silent again.
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