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Aug 7, 2015
Hi all! I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max I got at launch. On 15.3 beta (but this has been happening even on stock 15.2 and prior.)
I will open my phone and see I had texts and I never heard my text tone NOR any vibration. Sometimes the phone is even in my hands and I feel/hear nothing. Seems to be related to Messages only. If my phone screen is on/unlocked I get vibration AND sound. Other apps notify with sound, etc...

I removed wrist detection from my watch... my watch remains on the charger. Not even wearing it. Any ideas?
I did recently get a new iMac. Any chance something got flipped there? Just not sure.


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Oct 28, 2014
JAX, FL area
My family is having the same issues with iPhone 13 mini, iPhone SE (2nd Ed), iPhone XS, and iPhone 7. Can barely hear text tones and no vibration.

Evil Lair

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Apr 8, 2013
This has been an ongoing issue for me since my first smartphone, an iPhone 5, and has gotten progressively worse with a 6S+ and current 11 Pro Max. It also happens to phone calls too. No sound or vibration, screen never turns on. The only commonality is it only happens to people in my contact list, but it's not every time which makes it frustrating to track down. I'm most likely just going to get a Pixel 6 and be done with it, this is no good when the boss is trying to get a hold of you.
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