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Dec 12, 2011
Once upon a time (before installing lion and mountain lion,) I used TextEdit whenever I had quick notes to take. Very fast loading and reliable.

Now I don't understand several aspects of this once handy software. I took a bunch of notes the other day, copy and pasting from emails and saved it as a .txt file ~ Closed it, and now I open it and it's full of code formatting!!

I can hardly read my notes there is so much code in the way, and I can't see a quick fix to take it out :( I'm obviously missing some key element ~ but this was never an issue for me before Lion.

Another annoying this is when I go to save - and it's default is to save to the 'cloud' ...I want the default save folder to be the last one I saved to. Now I have to go clicking and digging with every new document save :\

Help!! I want to get back to using TextEdit the way i use to.


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Aug 15, 2012
I couldn't agree more!!

I was about to create a new thread, but you've already stated what I'm upset about. They've ruined textedit! The whole point, to me, was that it's an incredibly fast loading, simple editor with no BS. Now it takes forever to load, and I'm given this stupid dialog upon startup, I don't want some some damn dialogue, I just want it to start a new document called untitled.rtf, and I'll specify where I want it if and when I choose to save, and command-d for "don't save" no longer works. They've ruined textedit, I might as well just use Word, it feels just about as heavy (okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get my point).

So, I copied from snowleopard, and viola! It works like a charm!
I'm finding that I have to re-copy it over after certain OS X updates, but it's worth it to me.

Anyway, incase you don't have SnowLeopard anywhere conveniently accessible, here's a link to it's version of

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Mar 26, 2008
West Suburban Boston Ma
augh...haven't switched to ML yet...but use TextEdit a lot instead of Pages (I don't write that much and TextEdit is fine for me) will remember to save the Lion version of TextEdit. Maybe one could re-name the old TextEdit as TextOld or something when putting it on ML so it wouldn't mess with ML software update?


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Oct 6, 2012
Penang, Malaysia
There are many other faster, cooler alternatives out there.
If you are looking for something for even simpler actions get CleanWriter or iA Writer.


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Jul 29, 2012
TextWrangler also works well with plain text files. Free.
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