TextView not responding to touch ONLY when Apple releases a version

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by WallStreetVH, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I've released three separate versions of Pocket Flix in the App Store. Current version is 1.2. Ever since version 1.0 was developed and up to and including now I am able to tap on a UITextView and the keyboard pops up allowing me to edit the text. But each time a version is released by Apple, the UITextView does not respond to the taps.

    I've checked SDK, built against different SDKs, but I cannot get it to NOT respond to taps during development - even when deployed to three different test devices with three different OS's. I'm stumped.

    Please advise,
    Thank you,
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    So your saying a UITextView (or UITextField?) is not responding to your touches? (when Apple releases your IPA?) (so 100% sure you have enabled on?), did you try a hitpointtest, touchesbegan, etc?
    Did you try building an Archived IPA and deploy it on devices like that?

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