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Discussion in 'iPod' started by happydude, Oct 14, 2009.

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    I just want to actually post a HUGE thank you to Apple for helping me with my issues. Thanks also as well to users in the forum who offered advice. A while ago I posted about a problem with our nano being read as "corrupt" and we weren't able to access the video from our vacation. I wasn't able to access the videos no matter what I tried. Then one day, getting home from work, there was a message on my home answering machine and Jason from Apple's tech support called me, wanting me to call him back. Engineers who were checking through these discussions here alerted him of my problem. He calls, I call back. He spends over an hour with me troubleshooting through everything. When it still didn't work, he set up for the nano to get shipped in to apple. The engineers took a look at it, something was bad with the nano, so they captured the videos for me, set up a link so I could download the 2 gigs of vid that we weren't able to access, and then had a new nano shipped to our door straight from China.

    This unparalleled customer service is what makes apple the absolute best company to be loyal to. Thank you to everyone at Apple who took the time to ensure our satisfaction with the product, for saving our vacation video files and sending a replacement nano. For saving our vacation video along, we will be forever thankful.
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    wow, great story, i havn't had much experience with apple cust. service, but what I have had has been great!;)

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