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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by TwoSocEmBoppers, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Just a quick note to the Mods. I'm not sure if it's just my perception or if there's been a secret campaign recently, but the threads sure seem a lot cleaner recently. I see most improvement in closing the repetitive/duplicate/duplicate threads.

    Anyways. Just a thanks. :)
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    Heh. Everything is secret. Well, not really.

    But it probably has far more to do with a substantial number of new and motivated moderators coming onboard a while back and them now getting up to speed with the teamwork and processes that take place behind the scenes, getting a feel not just for the buttons and levers that come with the role, but also with the shift in view that being a mod gives you, getting a handle on the personal dynamics and a tone of communicating with different forum members. Combine that with an simultaneous expansion in the administrator team and it's like a motherboard upgrade. ;)

    Every time Apple does something big, releasing something like the iPad or bringing the iPhone to Verizon, it enlarges Apple's customer base and some of those people find their way here through search engines and other means, searching for answers to their questions... and wrangling seemingly infinitely mushrooming contributions to this forum's ever-growing base can stretch the patience, motivation and commitment of moderators if there's only a small handful of you around at any given time.

    Like the appearance of an iceberg, most mod's work takes place out of view and, at times, it can be a tricky balance maintaining a visible presence, publicly intervening when necessary and on occasions, using a more subtle hand, something that's far easier when there's more of you to share the load. It also strikes me that in response to certain events and input from longstanding contributors plus anticipating future forum needs, leaning forward, there was a concerted attempt to substantially enlarge the team with a specific flavour of person, one that seems to be working rather well... although it's always an ongoing process of re-examination, improvement and tweaking in response to feedback and communication, as it should be.

    Contributing to only one thread in PRSI recently, I've noticed multiple passes taking place by both visible and invisible hands, keeping the river within its banks. Some might think that PRSI isn't important, and in many ways it isn't, but certain threads that take place in there in reaction to national and international news events can draw a lot of attention and traffic with often with a higher degree of potential conflict. Sometimes, even Apple-related news threads end up in there as well, the sheer number of posts dwarfing many of the usual topics.

    Moderator gratification works on many levels: teamwork, keeping the place tidy, helping people out behind the scenes... but I also know from experience that while thanks are nice and all, moderators would also like everyone to support their work by asking forum members to act as their eyes and ears by reporting posts using the report post button next to any questionable posts.

    In addition, in my opinion, throwing out new or different ideas for the forum's improvement when you think of them is often under-mentioned.

    While technical ideas that impact on the forum's software have to meet specific and often unseen requirements, there's often far more scope and creativity to suggest and improve community activities that retain member interest and participation, something that I and many others have worked on in the past, and although I'd love to see more of them at the moment, there's only so much you can do. Feeling that the forums have a particularly creative base of membership, from my perspective, we seem to currently be slightly two dimensional in variety and diversity of potential interest; in terms of numbers, a mile wide but a couple of inches thick.

    Supporters of the status quo at any given time can forget that it doesn't matter in the slightest if those ideas are not immediately workable or have been discarded before; every idea has a time and place, every idea needs its assumptions re-examined from time to time. Good ideas can come from anyone or anywhere... and while it's easy to knock them down, it's far more constructive but trickier to run the risk of peer disapproval by putting something on the table in the first place.

    Many hands make light(er) work.

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