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    Thanks to Arn and the staff for their reporting about the problems with Snow Leopard and PowerPC software this weekend. I was helping a SL user who reported that MS Office 2004 started hanging unpredictably. This was rather baffling to debug until I found these reports.

    I remember when Apple announced the Intel machines in 2005. I was shocked at the seamless operation of Rosetta. That took a tremendous amount of engineering and QA/test to have that transition work so smoothly. There may have been glitches with some PowerPC software, but I never saw any of them -- until a few days ago. I'm certain Apple has put measures in place to not drop the ball on this again.

    For better or worse, users will be running old software. I read MR to stay up on the industry; getting a clue on the root cause of this problem was just bonus territory.

    Thank you.
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    Well, if thanks are being handed out, let me add mine for MR's providing information about the recent Lion delta 10.7.3 software update screw up..

    Aside from supplying a forum where the problems could be posted quickly, informing the less sophisticated among us (read: me) a place to be alerted to watch for problems, MR also made it easier for the unsophisticated among us (read: me) to easily download the combo fix.

    Now. I suggest we take care about all these compliments. Arn et al will get swelled heads and demand that we start calling him Your Majesty, demand time off to actually have a life, and begin to insist that all posts make sense. Disaster!!! :rolleyes: :D ;)
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    The Withings body scale can be configured to auto-tweet your weight. Is there anything that will auto-tweet your head size? :p

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