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    Please join us in thanking @arogge, a MacRumors member for nearly 15 years, who has provided an outstanding service to this community over the past decade.

    For 10 years, arogge maintained reference threads listing the free TV shows, music videos, movies, and games that you could download from Apple's iTunes Store. Because the freebies were often hidden in the Store, the threads helped thousands of people find and take advantage of the weekly giveaways that numbered in the hundreds each year.

    The free giveaways are now easy to find, so there's no longer a need for this service.

    arogge's "free media" threads:
    1. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies/Games 2007
    2. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies/Games 2008
    3. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2009
    4. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2010
    5. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2011
    6. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2012
    7. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2013
    8. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2014
    9. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2015
    10. Free iTunes Store TV/Videos/Movies 2016
    On behalf of everyone who has benefited from these threads and enjoyed the free downloads, we'd like to express our gratitude to arogge for a wonderful job. MacRumors has benefited from many volunteers over the years, and arogge ranks with the best of them!
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    Jul 24, 2009
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    Thanks for your help. I remember using these threads a when I first joined.

    10 years really is commitment to the cause.
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    @arogge, "a MacRumors member for nearly 15 years"
    Kudos thats soon after 1st gen iPod was launched - 350+ million iPods and 1+ billion iPhones sold since then.
    Nearly 1/4 million every day.
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    ... and much less regular!

    I remember getting all of the free promotional tracks I could. Discovered a bunch of new artists that way. Thanks for the threads @arogge!

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    Performing any type of service benefiting the community like this deserves recognition and a thank you!
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    I have certainly been a beneficiary of your work @arogge. Thank you!
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    Ten years of free iTunes went by fast. When I took over the free videos list, some of the freebies were unlisted and had to be found. I guessed that some TV shows would be dropped as pilot-show freebies by looking at what the TV networks were advertising, and kept watching those spots on the iTunes Store for new shows until maybe something dropped. A few years ago, the iTunes Store began listing every freebie. Simply go into the TV Shows panel, scroll down to find the link to the freebies, and there would be all of the freebies ready to download. Those of you who have a paid TV subscription service may have noticed that you have access to these and more TV shows if they had aired recently on your channel package, so many of the iTunes freebies would be available for free through your set-top box without the overhead of consuming your hard disk space and CPU cycles. When the weekly drop of free iTunes music on Tuesdays ended, the number of free video drops increased to the point where the forum software couldn't handle all of the line entries in a single message block. Although our list of free videos has ended, the weekly freebies continue!

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