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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by slooksterPSV, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Apr 17, 2004
    Hey all,

    I used to be an avid and ecstatic user on the Macrumors forum. This was before the shift to Intel. Truthfully you guys got me started in the whole Forum realm. I'm just here to say my final goodbyes.

    After watching all the things Apple has done, prices keep skyrocketing, frivolous lawsuits, and the painful claims that Samsung is "copying" their designs (as if). I've decided Mac's just aren't for me, the company as a whole is great for those that work for them, but as for the consumer, they're just out there to rip everyone off, and take advantage of them.

    Apple used to be a keen item that I wanted to dabble with and when experienced, it blew my mind. But then I floated back down to solid ground and found out the horrific truths behind the manipulation of the common, ignorant consumer.

    Apple is just not my cup of tea anymore. Android and real computers are my life. The freedom to do what I want, tinker around, and experience my computer as I should be able to, not locked in like other companies want me to be.

    As for the forum users, thank you for many years of help, excitement, and ability to allow me to aid others in making sure their computers ran correctly, and worked properly. I won't forget the time here, but this is a waste of an account that has no meaning. The forums and mods are amazing and still are. I hate to say this, but I grew up and found that money is hard to come by, and I don't need to buy something that in 4-5 years I'll be FORCED to pay out the @$$ again for just to have the latest and greatest, where as with actual computers, their lifespan is now marking up to 10 years. Old XP machines from 2001 still run windows 7 today. But a Mac with an Intel from 2007 cannot run OS X 10.7 that was released last year.

    Thanks for everything you guys. If you want to chat or that, I'm on the UbuntuForums.

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    Aug 11, 2003
    Good bye!

    Please change your account e-mail address to an invalid account/domain and set an unknown random password on your account.

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