Thanks open source community, bye now!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ltgator333, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Yeah, stuff had been quietly disappearing for a while, and it became pretty obvious that Darwin was pretty much at a dead end when a new version sans support for the new hardware was rolled out a day before MWSF.
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    Apple is a total package i.e you by one copy of an OS per Machine and Apple has always been protective of its products much more so even then microsoft.

    Everybody knows this or should do when they go down the Mac road.

    I actually think the open source software that has been ported for the Mac has done incredibly little for the wider take up of Apple products.

    if GIMP or Neo Office disappeared tomorrow I would shed no tears for them.
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    Jul 15, 2005
    Well, Apple used Open Source to build their OS and should abide by the rules. They are supposed to release the source to Darwin as there is a whole community (OpenDarwin) around making Darwin a good OS all on its own. With Apple cutting the releases out they've screwed the Open Source community, which is who helped Apple get where they are.
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    From one of the links:


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    Yes OSX is indeed based on free BSD or Open BSD (some would say) that is not disputed.

    But to say that the open source community have put Apple where they are ohhhhh Please:rolleyes:

    How many people have bought into apple products because of the access of Open source software, I dont think too many.

    You might find my attitude an incredible one but it comes from trying Open Spource products and finding well put it this way.......its a good job they are free:(
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    I would not have considered OS X if it were not based on unix and, just as importantly, if I couldn't use the open source software that I require professionally (neo office). I'm not alone; about half of the Mac users I know are using OS X for the unix core and OSS support.

    There are reasons that Macintosh isn't just for photographers, web designers, and artists; unix and open source are not the least of it.
    I'd go back to linux.


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