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    My new app "That One Place" is now available in the app store Get It Now

    That One Place - Location Bookmarking. Never again ask yourself "Where was that one place?"

    Have you ever passed by a really cool restaurant, bar, shop, park or any other place and said to yourself that you need to remember where it is so you can come back later? Just open up That One Place, snap a photo of the it, let the app find your location and never forget where that place is again. Add the name of the place, give it a category, comments such as "Best fish and chips ever" and you're set.

    Sharing is the best part! See an example of a shared place here:

    Ever time you hit the Share button, the place is uploaded to our servers and you get a short url back to share anywhere through text message, email, Twitter, Facebook or get the url directly. The place is displayed in a beautiful layout with the photo you took, embedded maps for easy directions and all the comments and information you wrote down about the place. Even people who dont have the app can see the places you share! If you update the information about the place, just hit the share button again and it instantly gets updated on our servers too. No need to send out a new link.

    Key Features:
    ★ Snap a photo and save it's location
    ★ Improved interface for making sure you save the exact location every time
    ★ Organize your places by category by choosing from the list or adding your own
    ★ Add your own comments on the place
    ★ Share your place anywhere with a unique short url for every place you share
    ★ Favorite button to add the best places to a separate list for easy finding.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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