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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by theperipheral, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Does anybody think that a new 4 is being made but it's having to be changed to work on all carriers? I mean, Apple always uses the current model as the downgraded model when the new one is released. Right now, Apple offers 2 different versions of the 4 (Verizon and ATT). They aren't going to continue that. My hope and guess is that they are releasing a new iPhone 4 capable of working on at least Verizon and ATT, and that they are introducing an all new iPhone 5. That's why we keep seeing rumors about an iPhone 4 clone...because they are creating a new iPhone 4 as the base model.

    I never hear anybody with that rationality when talking about this "4S" and it's just making me angry. To think that Apple is going to throw an A5 into the downgraded model is ridiculous, and to think that after 15 months, they are going to prove that it's not really an upgraded model by calling it a 4S, is just crazy implies that it's a 4 with some newish features if you keep the 4 labeling.

    This theory explains perfectly why Apple would announce two new phones.
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    Again, there are more than enough threads already discussing the exact same topic or something similar so please use the other threads talking about the 4S.
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    Follow the money trail to find you answer...

    If Apple releases an iPhone that works on both Att and Verizon, would they make or lose potential money when you wanted to switch from Att to Verizon and didn't have to buy a brand new CDMA version of the iPhone to make the switch?

    I think you'll find your answer there ;)
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    Here's my take on it.

    After all this time _if_ Apple is having some type of problem with the iPhone 5, then I see no reason for them not to continue to work it out.

    In the meantime, they've heard that many are completely happy with the iP4. Therefore all they need to do is a refresh, using the same form factor and improved internal components. It's a good alternative solution to bring a phone to market while continuing to sort out the problems with the iPhone 5.

    Whenever they get the iPhone 5 ready, the public will be more than receptive.

    It's really not that big of a deal.
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    I don't believe that there are delays. I think Apple planned this release at this time all along to combine it with the iPod refreshes.

    Both phones will be released at the same time. I believe the main purpose of the new iPhone4 is to lower the cost of it as the low cost alternative by using some of the components of the iPhone 5 like processor, CDMA/GSM radio (so one phone works on all networks), maybe camera and so on. Just producing one version instead of a GSM and a CDMA version will do a lot to reduce cost.

    With the new processor this will be a good phone for people that DO NOT want an iPhone5 that is rumored to have a bigger screen and form factor.

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