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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Kingsly, Jul 3, 2006.

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    is there any kind of plugin or digital processing I can do to achieve that Live action-to cell animation look? I know I can do it in photoshop, but FCE/P?
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    Dec 23, 2004
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    There is a plug-in that you can use to do it, IIRC, but I don't remember what it's called. :(

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    Oct 15, 2004
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    Use a compositing program like combustion to export the video as a filmstrip, open filmstrip with photoshop, apply filter effect to each frame, reimport into compositing program and export back to .mov.

    The effects you can achieve are rather cool :)
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    there HAS to be a filter/suite that does this now.

    rotoscoping is like so Waking Life.
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    Buy the august issue of MacAddict. ;)

    Thanks... that has to be The Most Helpful Post Of The Day™

    Erendiox, is there a free program that can export like that?
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    Looks like they used a proprietary program they created called Rotoshop. Unfortunately, it was developed in house and there are no plans to sell it commercially. Bastards.

    I'm sure someone will come out with something soon if they don't, but you'll probably have to do it the old fashion way until then
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    I don't have a compositing program to re-inport... help?
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    Jul 17, 2002
    If you have quicktime pro all you have to do is go to file, open image sequence, select the first frame of the image sequence, then save as a self contained movie. Viola

    (make sure to deinterlace the clip before export, or you will have to deinterlace it frame by frame in photoshop.)

    P.S. Try Studio Artist if you are on a mac, you can get some really cool cell animation looks with it.
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    Oct 15, 2004
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    Not to my knowledge. I happen to have access to compositing programs because i'm a communications student.

    faustfire is right on with his comment. QT pro can re-import an image sequence and export it back as a .mov. The thing is, while QT pro can export as an image sequence, you still have to take each individual frame into photoshop for manipulation. I'm not so familiar with photoshop's automation and scripting abilities, so maybe there is a way to expede the process. The advantage to the filmstrip format is that it takes all the frames and makes one huge picture out of it. It takes a bit of processing power, but it's basically one file in, one file out, through photoshop. It's more convenient, but you can do the same thing for 30 bucks with QT pro and image sequences. You guys don't want to know how much most compositing programs go for :eek: :D

    Edit: Took a look at Photoshop's automate options and it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to batch filter an image sequence. Just create an action with the filter effect you want and go to automate>batch. It's rather simple.
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    Thanks, I had already done that... worked quite well in fact!

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