The Amazing iMac


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Jan 7, 2002
I have to say, as a graphic design student, that I'm upset by some people's reactions to the new iMac. I admit, that at first glance, the iMac didn't seem that "evolutionary". However, I found that the more I look at it, the more I get it. It just does make a lot more sense. It works as a piece perfectly, in the way that the monitor floats at whichever angle you please and can even hide the base. As time goes by, I can only see the base becoming less and less obtrusive. I really think that it's gonna take a while for everyone to "get it", but I'm thinking this one might just sell. I, for one, love it already.


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Nov 22, 2001
When I first saw it I did not like it. But, I now do! However, I am holding out for a tower I think.


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Jan 6, 2002
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
My eyes are rolling

Of course there are people who will say this.. I like the new iMac, many people do. If it not having a disk drive is his problem or how the surprise was ruined to many because of Timecanada's little issue, he's obviously just searching for an arguement. If compaq or some other glorified trashbin company came out with this technology (HA... Like that'll happen) then im sure this man would fall in love with it. He's bias. He even said he's taking it from the perspective from a windoze user. Think different, remember? I bet this guy said the same thing when apple decided to put color on the casing of their computers. Although this doesn't exactly count as a very good argument, i still have to say it... Look at his picture.. He even looks like a windoze worshiping boring john doe that has a beige shrine to bill gates on his desk. Okay, that last part was a little immature, but still ;)


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca

Fear is the single most common reaction to new stimuli, most often expressed as anger. Rapid assimilation of new Data is a unique gift very few of us share. My own discomfort over the design lasted about ten seconds, but I know very well how unusual that is. Be patient and they'll get it in time.