The amazing shrinking iPhone Motherboard

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Chwisch87, Jun 27, 2010.

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    So, as you will see here in a second, Apple has done a pretty amazing job at shrinking down the logic/motherboard of the iPhone. This has allowed for the large battery in the iPhone 4 and apple was also given the luxury of shrinking down the device.

    check it out.

    3G [​IMG]


    and now to the 4 gen model



    All and all pretty spectacular reduction considering processing power has been doubled with power needs reduced.

    So one has to wonder ... what exactly is Apple's competition up to??? Well lets take a look at the main board from HTC's lasted phone the EVO 4G...


    In terms of system board design, everyone is really years behind apple. Motorola is a little better but no were near the kind of space reduction apple has accomplished. Spec wise, no one really knows how long the iPhone 4 will have the crown, however you gotta admit, one wonders when other manufactures are gonna be able to catch up with the amount of engineering apple puts into the design.
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    i think this really shows why apple chose to build the a4 chip.

    it's not all about getting more giggerhertz, it's just as much about simplifying internal component designs and increasing watt efficiency.

    the iphone 4's thickness and battery life are great strengths that pundits and techies don't recognize but we can appreciate every day it's in use.

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